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Reading Rescue 1-2-3

About the Author

Picture of Peggy Wilber Peggy M. Wilber is a teacher, author, and speaker with a mission of helping children learn to read well. She has been diagnosing and remediating elementary and middle school children's reading disorders since 1987.

Motivated by an escalation of needy students she co-founded a tutoring program servicing local elementary school students and their families. As Instructional Coordinator, Peggy trained tutors in auditory reading techniques resulting in students advancing two or more reading levels per semester, far outperforming non-tutored peers.

Peggy involved parents and grandparents, as valuable resources, by creating Parent Training Seminars. Her Succeed to Read website is based on information presented in these parent seminars. Having conducted seminars during the past three years in public schools, private schools and churches, she is convinced that parents are able to absorb and utilize this information making significant impact on their children's literacy.

Reading Rescue 1-2-3, published by Prima Publishing, 2000, and authored by Peggy Wilber, is a complete manual offering auditory training techniques, phonic worksheets, and cartoon stories that help children improve in reading skills.

Her education includes a Masters of Education from Boston University and Certification in Early Childhood Reading Instruction from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, specializing in integrating reading methodologies.

Peggy lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, David, and their two children.

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