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Reviewer: Dugout7 from Colorado
Having used the concepts from this book, I was able to tutor a third grader who was two grades behind to the point where she was actually above grade level. All of this with only 45 minutes a week from me and 15 minutes of daily practice reading with her father. At the beginning of the semester she was almost put in the special education class, by the end of the semester she was reading with her peers. This book is so easy to read and well laid out that anyone can become a successful tutor for almost any child. Peggy explains the reasons for reading difficulties along with the solutions. She even includes practical reading aids in the back of the book. Nothing is left to chance. Not just a teach your child to read book, but also a teach yourself to tutor book.

Reviewer: mdonovan from Vancouver, BC
Reading Rescue 1-2-3 is a wonderfully well thought out book that lays out a complete reading foundations program for parents and beginning primary teachers. For the parent of a child entering kindergarten who shows signs of early interest in reading, this lays out a step by step program for them to build on that interest. For the parents of a child struggling to acquire reading skills, this easy to follow format shows lessons that they can do with their child to build the reading foundations. For the parents of an older child who may have a reading disability, this is a wonderfully well put together book. Clear and well written, this book shines. Simply superb! Thank you Peggy Wilber!

Reviewer: Kathleen Paul from Colorado
I homeschooled my children and taught Kindergarten and First Grade in public and private schools. Where was this book when I needed it? As I went through the chapters, I easily identified students I had worked with (under a cloud of frustration both on their parts and mine.) The information is set up in these chapters so that even non-professional educators can understand. And I think the point is that parents have more of a chance to impact their children's reading ability than some teachers ever dreamed. This encouraging book is a must for any parent kid team currently wrestling with beginning reading. AND ... for those kids who have hit a brick wall, here's the answer.

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